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As part of the All You Can Eat: A Buffet Of Architectural Ideas For Cleveland exhibit that took place in late October ’09 at The Sculpture Center, a panel discussion of Cleveland based architects and designers took place, moderated by Michael Abrahamson.

The panel members included Julia Chrsitensen, author of Big Box Reuse and Henry Luce Visiting Professor of the Emerging Arts at Oberlin College; Piet Van Dijk, FAIA, ‘dean’ of modern architecture in Cleveland; Marc Ciccarelli, AIA, principle of studioTECHNE|architects; Sally Levine, AIA, principal of Levine Architecture & Design, Ltd. and lecturer at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University; Marc Manack,  an architect with nationally recognized Robert Maschke Architects and lecturer at The Ohio State University; and Matt Setzekorn, PE, CBCP, LEED® AP, Director of Sustainable Engineering at Integrated Engineering Consultants, Inc., as well as a lecturer at Kent State University.

Part 1: Introductory remarks by Michael Abrahamson. Piet Van Dijk discusses working in Eero Saarinen and Associates in Michigan in the late 50s / early 60s.

Part 2: What does being in Cleveland mean to you? The discussion moves towards sustainability and what architecture can do for it.

Part 3: The need for long term systematic thinking in regards to sustainability, that is not based around mere consumption of ‘green’ products, particularly as it relates to vernacular architecture. Do we even need to build anything at all in Cleveland?

Part 4: What can green do for architecture? Also, client education and the need for designers to be able to quantify the value of good design. And Piet Van Dijk and Marc Manack discuss their knowledge of hydroponic lamps.

Part 5: These guys need some architecture! (These guys being Cleveland) Also, Marc Ciccarelli talks about building in a city built for one million people that now has half of that. Finally a couple questions / comments from the crowd before our camera died.


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