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ayce POSTcard frontWhat is Cleveland’s recommended daily intake of architecture? Let’s exceed it…
All You Can Eat posits that the city is of a high metabolic rate, burning through ideas faster than they can be ingested. In response it presents a binge of possible futures excessive in scale and exhaustive in scope, ideas both raw and cooked, half-baked and hair-brained.

ayce POSTcard front

For those new to the site, see here for information about the event opening on Friday, Oct. 30th and the panel conversation on Saturday, Oct. 31st.

Event Dates and Times

Friday, October 30, 5-10 PM
Saturday, October 31, noon – 5 PM
Roundtable Conversation on Saturday at 3 PM



Press Release (.pdf)

Call For Entries (.pdf)

Event Postcard (.pdf)

for immediate release – Cleveland, OH: All You Can Eat posits that the city of Cleveland is of a high metabolic rate, burning through ideas faster than they can be ingested. In response it presents a binge of possible futures excessive in scale and exhaustive in scope, ideas both raw and cooked, half-baked and hair-brained.

All You Can Eat  is a collective exhibition of architectural ideas for vacant sites in Cleveland, Ohio. If Cleveland has a surplus of anything it’s vacant land, and the organizers have faith that others, like them, have favorite sites around the city upon which they’d love to unleash their new (or old) tricks. This exhibition hopes to provide the impetus and opportunity for many to unleash said tricks in a publicly visible way.

All You Can Eat is not intended to generate “shovel-ready” proposals but to instigate dialogue; it is a forum to encourage the development of new concepts both aesthetic and programmatic. The organizers charge participants with being as outlandish and uncompromising as they can be.

Participants may choose any vacant site within the city limits of Cleveland on which to site their proposal. Proposed interventions on existing buildings are also permitted as long as the building is vacant. All scopes and scales are considered acceptable as long as the site is within the city limits of Cleveland. Detailed knowledge of the proposed site is recommended but not necessarily required.

All You Can Eat is open to creative individuals of all sorts; artists, architects, designers, students in the above disciplines, and other interested parties are all encouraged to make proposals. Participants may work individually or as a group. Those familiar with Cleveland’s problems and potentials (current residents, expatriates, et cetera) are especially encouraged to participate. Those familiar with the cultural conditions of Rust Belt cities more generally are similarly encouraged. Preference will be given to projects produced specifically for the exhibition. Client-commissioned works are not eligible.

An exhibition of entries will be displayed in the Euclid Avenue Gallery of The Sculpture Center at 12210 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland during the last weekend of October. It will be open to the public Friday October 30th from 5-10 PM and Saturday October 31st from Noon-5 PM. A roundtable discussion of the exhibited projects will take place at 3pm. Get there early for the fresh stuff! Select entries will also be included in a publication available for purchase, to be released in the new year as part of the POST Architecture Journal a Cleveland based, Great Lakes focused publication.

No registration fee is required for participation. Individuals wishing to participate should send a one-page project proposal (text or image) to the organizers by the 30th of September for advance approval. Exhibition space is limited, so advance approval can only be granted to a select number of proposals. All approved submittals will be exhibited. Space will remain open for a selection of submittals not receiving advance approval, but exhibition cannot be guaranteed for all. All submittals — approved or unapproved — are due in digital format to the organizers by Friday October 22.  All submittals received will be available for viewing on the POST- website at

For more information see or

Email for more information at

The Sculpture Center may be contacted at

Sponsored by: Colliers Ostendorf-Morris, Studio|Techne Architects, Pabst Brewery, and The Sculpture Center.


Archived Questions And Answers:

As we receive questions regarding All You Can Eat, we will post answers on this page. Questions may be submitted by email to


A1. The call for entries is open to anyone interested in making a proposal, but because of limited space the organizers cannot guarantee exhibition. All entries will, however, be displayed on the POST website.

To obtain site information you may access the Cuyahoga County Online GIS or Neo Cando. Both require registration but are free to use. If you are unfamiliar with Cleveland, the best way to start may be Google Earth and Street View, starting from Public Square downtown and moving outward looking for an open site that strikes your fancy.
Q2. The recently issued call for entires for the “All You Can Eat” architectural exhibition references an ‘attached’ information sheet to be submitted with a project proposal.  The information sheet does not appear to be attached to the call for entires or available on the Post Architectural Journal’s website.
A2. We apologize for the confusion. No information sheet will be required with a proposal submission provided the information listed below is included in said proposal:
Firm/Affiliation (optional)
Contact Info (email & mailing address)
Project Title
Project Site/Address
Q3. I only found about the call for entries after September 30th. I have a project I would like to submit, am I still able to do that?

Yes! You can! still submit your project proposals and boards, up until October 23rd, even if you have not already submitted a proposal to POST.

POST is still accepting revised proposals and entries from anyone who has not been approved, up until October 23rd, as outlined in the call for entries. The September 30th deadline was only a preliminary deadline to be able to guarantee the best and brightest, placement in the show.

Refer to the call for entries for more details.


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