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The dearest nation of all is one that will survive no longer than you and I, a common movement at the mercy of death and time: the ad hoc adventure. 1

POST is a journal of architecture in the Great Lakes region. It focuses on the buildings, people and writings that have formed our received environment and is informed by a faith that said environment is sufficiently rich that it warrants consideration. Like Reyner Banham’s mythic Los Angeles, Venturi and Scott-Brown’s Las Vegas or Japan in Roland Barthes’ Empire of Signs, POST takes for granted a unnamable quality in every environment and desires to extract that quality and make it known…

POST comes in response not to a crisis, but a lack of urgency, a status quo devoid of resistance and a sense of adventure: a risk-averse culture with an unconsciously conservative opinion of what architecture is and can be. POST doesn’t believe in the paradigm shift. It’s content is merely measured to shake things up. POST is not a gentle manifesto, hardly a manifesto at all, instead a “sizing up,” a stocktaking. We need to take stock of what we have accomplished and where fall our failings. What is needed, above all, is a common language with which to speak. A consensus. POST aims to construct a consensus written not in stone but in sand, a provisional point of view rather than a point of no return.

1 Pynchon, Thomas. Gravity’s Rainbow (New York: The Viking Press, 1973): 706.

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