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Yes! You Can!

October 7, 2009

After having approved more proposals then we can care to count (ok, its around 50!), POST would like to thank everyone who has submitted a proposal for All You Can Eat. We have been humbled not only by the response from participants in the Northeast Ohio design community, but nationally and internationally as well.

While we have much work to do between now and the exhibition (as do you, proposal submitters!), we can promise that quite the feast of architectural ideas awaits us all at the end of the month when the exhibition opens.

We have a couple housekeeping items to attend to:


We have a received a few emails from people who found about the show and call for entries either the day proposals were due or afterwards, or just plain submitted late, wondering if they can still enter the show.

Yes! You can! still submit your project proposals and boards, up until October 23rd, even if you have not already submitted a proposal to POST.

POST is still accepting revised proposals and entries from anyone who has not been approved, up until October 23rd, as outlined in the call for entries. Last week’s deadline was only a preliminary deadline to be able to guarantee the best and brightest, placement in the show.

Refer to the call for entries for more details.

Secondly: For those of you that have been approved, we are awaiting your entry boards. If you sent a proposal and do not follow through and submit a final board, expect the condemnation and scorn of the entire Cleveland architecture community. That is a joke. Maybe.

And finally, if lady luck is on our side, we will be announcing the roundtable panel – a discussion of the gallery show as well as Cleveland design culture in general – within the next week or two. Based on what we have lined up so far, it promises to be an incredible conversation that you will not want to miss.

Also, once you’re done proposing the project you’ve always wanted to do in Cleveland but haven’t found a benefactor to fund yet, check out our good friends at the Cleveland Design Competition who are organizing yet another great event for the third year in a row. Its going to be the best one yet! And they’ve got some pretty serious prize monies this year.

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